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Young caravan told, they are on target! It's all over in 15 minutes


Kamil Yılmaz decided to go to Iran after traveling Turkey for a long time with his own caravan. Realizing that a thief broke into his car while staying in Batman to go to Iran, Yılmaz says, "Boiling waters poured over my head." Drive your vehicle in the city center security Leaving him in a car park without a camera, Yılmaz did not notice from the outside that the thief had entered when he got to the car after completing his 15-minute work.

Explaining that they try to enter through the sliding side window in these vehicles, Kamil Yılmaz said, "They don't try another window, they try to break it with their hands or try to break the bolt. Of course, I didn't notice this. Then I went to an advertiser to stick the Turkish flag stickers on the top of the car. and when I wanted to buy something from the side door there, I saw that the window was open. When I stuck my head out, the drone was standing outside without a bag. Normally, they all have their bags and they stay like that. When I saw him, I realized that the thief had entered".


Yılmaz, who went inside without touching anything for fingerprints, realized that his computer, camera, drone controller and batteries, iPhone phone and another old-fashioned camera were stolen. Stating that he was frozen, Kamil Yılmaz said, “We went to the police, but we could not find a place to record the camera. We tried to solve the case by taking fingerprints. A day later, a thief broke into the caravan of another friend of mine who was with me. We left the vehicle in a place with a camera, but the camera there wasn't recording either. In other words, the place where you leave your vehicle is very important," he warned caravan users.


Stating that although the thieves were caught after fingerprints, the drone controller and batteries could not be reached, Kamil Yılmaz said, “Right now, we are traveling around Iran quite uneasily. We leave our vehicles in places where there are cameras or we do not leave the vehicle. As another option, we entrust it to the people we trust around us. My advice is that no one should leave their vehicle at their own discretion. We still haven't gotten over the shock of theft. For safety, do not leave such products in the vehicle. It is important to hide your products in a safe or in a place where no one can find them," he said.


Providing information on caravan security systemsby Uğur CebeciHe stated that very few users attach importance to security systems before an incident happens to them, and that there is not yet a widespread awareness in terms of security in Turkey. In addition to security locks applied to caravans alarmUnderlining that the  system should also exist, Uğur Cebeci said:

“The alarm system should be activated in two ways. The first is for unauthorized entry into the caravan, and the second is when the caravan is moved, that is, when the current map location of the caravan is changed. The owner of the caravan must be notified when there is an unauthorized entry or when the caravan location changes, no matter how far from the caravan they are. When the map location of the caravan changes, the caravan owner should be able to track where he is being taken on the map so that he can direct the security forces correctly."


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